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Welcome Kjell Fagéus

Throughout the journey into building our very own clarinets, full customization was at the core of our efforts – staying true to both the nature of the tonewood and the musicians who would play the instruments.Of course we knew taking artists and endorsers on board would be a significant step.

It's true, we had received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the players who tried Moe-Custom clarinets at our showroom before the official launch and even had to replenish our stock several times as we were struggling to keep any on the shelf.

But we still couldn’t help but wonder what was to come at our official launch at Clarinetfest in Denver.

We had spent years perfecting the clarinets and this was it. We were taking them public for the very first time!

What would the reception be?

Excited? Skeptical? Curious? Slow and tentative?

It turned out for our very first Moe-Custom artist Kjell Fagéus it was love at first sight – or rather first notes.

The former principle clarinetist at the Royal Opera Orchestra in Stockholm and Concertmaster at the Stockholm Wind Symphony Orchestra approached our booth with great interest and thoughtful questions and it was quickly apparent that the Moe Custom Philharmonic was the instrument to try.

He and Andreas took the set into to as quiet a corner as you can find at ClarinetFest to hear its nuances and the result was pure magic: supple and rich tone, precise articulation, beautifully even and lyrical throughout registers and dynamics.

Kjell's immediate reaction was:

"I wish your clarinet was available 30 years ago already!"

They truly made each other shine and by the time they all made their way back to the booth, the conversation was already turning to the logistics of making the switch to becoming a Moe-Custom Artist.

Kjell took his set back with him to Sweden the very same week - and the rest is history.

Listen for yourself:

WELCOME Kjell Fagéus!

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