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Visit our Showroom

We would be happy to welcome you in our showroom in Pottsville, PA.


Don't hesitate and make an appointment right away. A visit gives us all the opportunity to get to know each other and you can select from as many clarinets as we have ready.

The showroom works by appointment only. Please chat with us, or email, or call 912-257-0956 to make it happen.

We are here, looking forward to hearing from you one way or another!

Buy online

You can buy your Moe Custom Clarinet  online exclusively on the Woodwind Boutique

There you have the option of a trial on a purchase and return basis. If you have questions please contact the team from the woodwind boutique here.


If you decide for buying online there, your purchase price includes further customization after the break-in period as usual for us. We will provide you with a shipping label for that free of charge.

Custom Order

If there are no Moe Custom Clarinets of the model you desire in stock — no worries, we have a waiting list based on first come - first serve.

In order to reserve your spot on said list we need to ask you for a binding order and non-refundable down-payment.

Please feel invited to talk to us about the actual current waiting time.

Once you are decided and ready you can custom order your clarinet.

Apply for a Grant

Each quarter of the year we support one purchase of a  Moe Custom Clarinet  with a $1,500 grant that goes to an eligible player who can't afford to buy a
Moe Custom Clarinet  but has compelling reasons.

Introduce yourself, make your case, have a letter of recommendation if possible, and email everything to

It is Moe Custom Clarinets' sole discretion if and to whom the grant is awarded. Providing information to Moe Custom Clarinets is voluntary and does not result in any entitlement to receiving the grant. Moe Custom Clarinets is not required to pay a grant each quarter. Any information provided will only be used internally to evaluate the eligibility of the candidates. Sending in your information means you accept these terms.

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