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Custom P

P   as in Philharmonic

The Moe Custom P  offers you a large core and dark sound thanks to setup, choice of pad combination, specific tone hole undercuts, and the tone hole matrix.

It is effortless to play, like you don't want to put it down.

Ergonomics is a big deal in the design, playing comfort is paramount for a professional player.


Custom A

When you buy a set of custom P and A, the clarinets will be a perfect match already.

A 'match' refers to sound color, evenness, and ergonomics. It should be an effortless transition between Bb and A.

If you own a Custom P or R already and need an A, we will make it so it matches your Moe Custom  Bb.

You can order the A as well to go with the Model R. Your set will then be custom made to ensure that you have the same experience of smoothness when switching back and forth.

We have yet to encounter anyone asking to combine the A with a Jazz, but one never knows.


Custom R

R   as in Recording

Imagine being in a recording studio. You want to have all the sound, all the focus, all the richness, all the warmth a clarinet promises but intimate, not with a huge projection.

The Custom R   is a clarinet you want to play in small ensembles or intimate setups and in front of a microphone.

We build a fitting A for you to make it a set.


Custom J

J   as in J azz

... but not limited to Jazz — Klezmer, modern compositions, and wherever you go with your music.

The Moe Custom J  offers you a reliable core, dark sound, sparkle and all the flexibility and projection you need from a whisper to a cry.

How so? Setup, all QRP pads, different tone hole undercuts and tone hole matrix.

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