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It's a strictly Limited Edition — limited to one  — yours.

Our clarinets deserve the name Custom.

Every piece of wood is different.

Every player is different.

Why would one mass-produce standardized clarinets when you can take wood and player into consideration and build a unique clarinet from a certain blank and set it up for the individual player?

It is a business choice to mass-produce clarinets, not an artistic one.

Building Moe Custom Clarinets is a purely artistic decision.


Our goal is to provide the right instrument for the player.

So when you play one of our Custom Clarinets for the first time it is not necessarily the final product for you: it might be — but it doesn't have to be because you select the clarinet closest to what you hope for — you break it in — and then(!) you work with Andreas and let him make the perfect setup for your Moe Custom Clarinet.

Moe Custom Clarinet Bridge


wood detail

Taking the wood into consideration...

It is easier said than done.

First the wood needs to be selected carefully, not randomly. We can do that because we are not building clarinets in the hundreds or thousands where selection is difficult to realize.

Pre-selection is only the beginning. Andreas is knocking the wood. It allows him to hear the specific characteristics of the particular blank. Instead of trying to eliminate these specifics to achieve a standardized tone he takes them as guidance and uses them to make every clarinet a special one, getting the absolute best out of this precious piece of Grenadilla. 

Usually you know how a clarinet of a certain brand sounds; with Moe Custom Clarinets , no two sound identical.

That doesn't mean that you can't tell us what direction of sound you are going for. It means that the blank that is being used to build yours is the best to achieve exactly what you are looking for and together with the custom setup it is going to be as perfect as it gets.


You found messages in product boxes that congratulate you to your purchase one way or another, right?

In marketing that is called addressing or avoiding cognitive dissonance, this feeling of doubt after a purchase once the customer is alone with the new product and the manufacturer tries to reassure them that they should keep it.

Well, a piece of paper doesn't do the trick if it is not backed by quality and customer service.

Customer service... it sounds distant and like waiting for the 'call center' to respond.


We don't make enough clarinets to not make friends with our customers, remember each transaction and interaction.


For us, selling a  Moe Custom Clarinet  is 100% personal.


We want you to be happy with your clarinet.


Not like Procter & Gamble likes happy, returning customers.

We mean really happy.

And we'll do everything to achieve that.


Happiness in form of smilies


top of top joint Moe Custom Clarinet

A word about warranty.

Usually it comes down to cracked top joints. Barrel, bottom joint and bell very rarely crack without a certain amount of force that would void warranty.


Quickly kiln-dried wood tends to crack more willingly, there is simply still too much life in the wood to avoid that.

We use highest quality air dried Grenadilla. You can tell when you look at it.


We add an invisible ring of carbon fiber to the top joint to prevent cracking.


There is a very limited chance of cracking, given proper breaking-in and maintenance, like drying after each play and avoiding heat, direct air conditioning, and so forth.

If it happens nonetheless within 12 months of purchase we will repair your Moe Custom Clarinet  free of charge.

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