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The Setup/ Technical Solutions

The ingredients are:

  • Finest, extraordinarily dense Grendadilla from Mozambique.

  • An invisible carbon fiber ring on the top joint will prevent cracking.

  • A well thought through tone hole matrix.

  • Tone hole sizes that are designed to realize the desired sound characteristics of the different models.

  • Undercuts support core and richness and increase ventilation.

  • Perfecting the opening angle of each key for flawless intonation.

  • Pads that have an extremely long live span and will never change due to playing.

  • QRP pads act as full size resonators.

  • Carefully selected pad combination of QRP and CFS pads for each model support the targeted sound idea.

  • The keys are die-forged and solid and will keep the setup in place.

  • Ergonomics and aesthetics are a priority.

  • The keys are hand-fitted and de-burred for a snug, smooth fit.

  • An abundance of adjustment screws will help any tech to make corrections to the setup if needed — if so — far down the road.

  • Rubber o-rings and spring loaded pivot screw receivers make the mechanics stunningly noiseless.

  • Innovative, noiseless foam adjustment pieces will keep their form and contribute to the long lasting setup.

  • Even spring pressure provide crisp response and fluid action.

  • Particularly long spring cradles where possible distribute force evenly.

  • Specially constructed tenon corks serve you extra long with a snug fit. etc, etc...

mother of pearl ring top joint
wood detail, CFS pad, adjustment screws
Pad detail
Bridge design with adjustment screw

And then...

The Wiz does his magic and invests at least 40 hours of highly concentrated work to create your

Moe Custom Clarinet

Key design, Ergonomics
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