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About Us

Love & Passion

Victoria Moe

Victoria Moe

Andreas Moe

Andreas Moe
— the wiz

We are the brains behind

Moe Custom Clarinets


Our combined skill sets made it possible to develop the idea — grow it through prototyping — to the finished product — and into your hands.

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We believe that every step and every decision during life leads to the place where one is.


So, where to begin to introduce us?


Years of education in Germany, decades of experience in all kinds of fields in Germany and since 2010 proudly in the United States, and the will to make the best possible instruments.

Some determining factors of the Moes in no particular order:

  • Together, and only together.

  • Cutting corners would feel like an insult.

  • Profit is not everything.

  • Doing things right.

  • Commitment and determination.

  • Hundreds of hours of work and having fun doing it.

  • We sell only what we would buy - and we are picky.

  • We are perfectionists.

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