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The Journal of your Moe Custom Clarinet

You will be receiving a Journal for your Moe Custom Clarinet.

It will allow you to keep track of the things that are important to your clarinet ;-).

Date and location of performances listed will allow you to revisit moments with your instrument.

Like the Certificate of Authenticity the journal is made from Lokta paper, that is handcrafted in the Himalayas. It has been a staple of Nepalese artisans for centuries. The paper is made from Lokta bushes which grow on the southern slopes of the Nepali Himalayan Mountains.

When properly cut, the bushes can produce three to eight new, fast-growing shoots making Lokta paper a sought-after and renewable tree-free paper.

The oldest surviving Lokta paper is a religious text, a copy of the Karanya Buha Sutra Buddhist text estimated to be 1,000 to 1,900 years old.

The fibrous inner-bark strips of the Lokta bush are 'cooked' in vats to soften and create a pulp that is spread over wood-framed screens and set to dry on the Himalayan mountainside, forming the paper.

Lokta paper has a beautiful texture containing natural flecks from the bush's outer bark and can vary slightly in thickness from page to page due to the unique handcrafting process.

This explanation was provided by our supplier the Kathmandu Valley Co.

Please visit them here

We assume your custom clarinet will accompany you for an extended amount of time; we thought a diary of sorts might be something you would like to have.

We add some corner protection so that it will hold up for the years to come.

We hope you will enjoy keeping track of your journey with your Moe Custom Clarinet.

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