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Kjell Fagéus

Kjell Fagéus plays on the Moe-Custom Philharmonic Bb and A



Fagéus is one Sweden's leading clarinet players regularly performing with the most expressive Chamber Music ensembles. He also performs as soloist with leading Symphony Orchestras and Chamber Orchestras. He is former principal clarinet at the Royal Opera Orchestra in Stockholm and Concertmaster at the Stockholm Wind Symphony Orchestra. Long time member of the Stockholm Wind Quintet and collaboration with among others G. Ligeti. Founder and member of the Fagéus-trio and other Chamber Music groups.


He made twenty CD´s that have been appreciated internationally with repertory from classical, romantic to modern music. Many compositions were dedicated to him. The major work was the grand clarinet concerto by the prominent Swedish composer Daniel Börtz.


Fagéus has devoted himself also to teaching and coaching clarinet and Chamber Music. He developed a very appreciated method “Artistic Mental Training”. In this subject he has written two books and is performing seminars all over the world. His books and training program are used intensively by different Artists like singers, instrumentalist, teachers and actors.


He has over the years been Artistic Director for many Chamber Music Festivals.


The Swedish Arts Grants Committee awarded him among other things a 10-year long scholarship supporting his work. Also, the Royal Swedish Academy and the Swedish Arts Council awarded him a major scholarship.


Fagéus studied at the Royal Academy in Stockholm and at the Juilliard School of Music in New York with the legendary Stanley Drucker.


During the International ClarinetFest2023 in Denver Colorado he got the love for Moe Custom Clarinets. He has earlier performed at ICA ClarinetFest in Sweden 2002 and Assisi Italy 2013.


Kjell Fagéus is represented with many on Spotify and on Soundcloud.


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